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Build a Lasting Legacy

Becoming an entrepreneur takes work, dedication, and commitment, but there is a heightened sense of independence and fulfillment that you just can’t find anywhere else.

For me, one of the best aspects of being an entrepreneur is knowing that I’m personally making a difference in my community and creating a business where I can motivate and support others who have the same vision and passion. There is nothing quite like knowing you’re positively affecting families while at the same time creating a legacy for your own.

Most entrepreneurs aren’t in business solely for themselves or to make a profit. They want to build a legacy that will impact their families for generations. We hear frequently from our franchisees that creating a legacy is one purpose for wanting to own a Celebree School.

One example is first-time business owners Josephine and Edward Johnson who are scheduled to open two Celebree School franchises. One of their main reasons for diving into entrepreneurship was to leave behind a legacy for their children. “We wanted to look back and see that we were able to start something that they could benefit from,” said Josephine. “As parents, we saw firsthand the vital role preschool played in our son’s life and we want to have that type of effect on other families.”

The mindset of creating something significant that can withstand the test of time, while adding value to their family and local neighborhoods, is something shared by many Celebree School franchisees. The drive to succeed is precisely what we look for when awarding franchises.We take pride in supporting our franchisees with the steps they need to take today to ensure lasting success for generations to come. Starting with the very first call, we’re there through the life of their school.

My entire team is charged with the mission to support our franchisees and help ensure they are wildly successful. For example, the leadership team helps franchisees negotiate real estate options and provide them with marketing and training tools. We also create and monitor revenue projections. Our business consultants have monthly phone calls with our franchisees to make sure they are hitting those financial goals.

Leaving a legacy means working every day towards that legacy. That’s one of the reasons our franchisees are owners-operators. They put in the work daily to lay the foundation for long-term growth and success.

At Celebree School, we are building a strong network of franchisees who are each developing their own legacy within their local community and for their families. How can we help you achieve your goal of building a legacy?


Are you ready to make a difference?

Children are our future. Today, they need a safe place to grow and to learn. With Celebree School, you can be the change you want to see in the world.

If you are an ethical, creative, motivated, and collaborative individual who wants to make a solid contribution to your community, then you may be the ideal fit for our child care franchise opportunities.

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