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How Our Preschool in Herndon, VA Prepares Children for School

When you drop your child off at Celebree School® of Reston, you’ll know they’re going to have a blast. We’ve created a vibrant, positive, and safe environment where kids can learn, play, explore, and discover! But that’s not all. When you choose our preschool programs in Herndon, VA, you’re also helping to prepare your child for kindergarten and the world beyond. 

Let’s review just some of the ways we help your child get ready for school!

4 Ways That Preschool Helps Kids Get Kindergarten-Ready

Kindergarten marks one of the big stepping stones of childhood. For families in Herndon, VA, it helps to know that your child is prepared and confident for this stage of life. That’s where our preschool plays a big part. Here are just some of the ways that our school prepares every child for the next step:

  • Builds knowledge. You want your child to have every educational advantage possible. That’s why you’ll want them to have a foundation in language and math concepts before they reach kindergarten. We teach children about language, literacy, math, and other key subjects through fun, interactive learning.
  • Creates structure. Any transitions can be a big adjustment for a child. Through our preschool programs, we make the transition from home to school that much more seamless. Kids get comfortable playing with others, following lessons, and incorporating structure into their day-to-day lives.
  • Fosters confidence. When kids build up their confidence, they can navigate new situations, express themselves and their ideas more easily, and improve their self-image. Through our positive and welcoming environment, we foster positive self-image and confidence for every child. 
  • Improves developmental skills. Developmental skills can also play a part in kindergarten readiness. Through our daily programs, we help each child reach their developmental milestones, including abilities related to motor, cognitive, and social development.

Learn More About Our Programs in Herndon, VA

With our preschool programs, we’ve devised a curriculum that helps children get ready for every aspect of kindergarten, from socializing to language, literacy, and so much more! Our educators help every child find their footing with care and attention that helps them soar.

Through our programs, we’re proud to be a community hub for families in:

  • Herndon
  • Reston
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond! To learn more about our preschool programs, families in Herndon can call Celebree School of Reston at (703) 349-3002.