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Daycare in Herndon, VA: How We Support Personal & Social Development

Celebree School® of Reston is more than a typical daycare, but a place for children in and around the Herndon, VA area to develop socially and personally. In fact, we go beyond academics and empower children to build strong social skills, self-confidence, kindness, and a sense of community. As a result, little ones in our care become well-rounded and self-assured older children, as they hit the ground running into the school years ahead.

Personal & Social Development in Our Daycare Curriculum

We focus on the whole child by integrating the Seven Domains of Learning into our daycare curriculum in the Herndon area. A large part of that involves social skills and personal development. These are the habits, values, and attitudes that enable children to make friends, share and cooperate, collaborate with others, and work as a positive part of the team. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Promoting plenty of play time with friends, so children are learning to build healthy relationships, as well as resolve conflicts, too.
  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their belongings, follow instructions, and be a positive, contributing force to their class.
  • Instilling self-help skills, like learning to feed themselves and, as they grow older, healthy hygiene, like hand-washing.
  • Inviting children to participate in the classroom and on the playground, creating the kind of warm, friendly environment where they feel comfortable doing so.
  • Helping children learn to cope with big emotions, process anger, stress, or sadness, and channel them in positive ways. 

Over time, this emphasis on personal and social development helps children mature as confident yet kind and empathic individuals. They’ll be able to transition into older grades as a happy, secure, and kind friend and student.

Visit Our Herndon, VA Area Daycare to Learn More!

If you’re looking for the kind of daycare in the Herndon area that focuses on the whole child, we invite you to visit Celebree School of Reston. We can explain more about the Seven Domains of Learning and how we focus on personal and social development in our curriculum. You’ll also have a chance to see our classrooms and find out more about other areas, like safety and security, all in our friendly, fun-filled daycare environment.

We’re here for families with children who are six weeks to 12 years old in:

  • Herndon
  • Reston
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call Celebree School of Reston at (703) 349-3002 today to learn more or set up a visit to our daycare in Herndon, VA.