Where we grow people big and small

At Celebree Learning Centers, our mission is to protect, educate and nurture the children with whose care and education we have been entrusted.

Established in Ellicott City, Maryland in 1994 and now with 23 Celebree Learning Centers in Maryland and two in Delaware, Celebree is the largest privately owned child care organization in Maryland. We are known for the high quality of our education programs and our distinctive blending of fun and learning. We strive to help children prepare for school and society. Friendship, sharing, safety, cleanliness, creativity and responsibility are just some of the important values that are inspired throughout a day of play.


Celebree Invests in Our Employees

As part of our commitment to offering our staff members opportunities to become increasingly proficient in their position as well as being able to grow within the Celebree Organization, we have developed and implemented our Employee Investment Cycle.

Orientation Training

New full time staff members will attend a five day orientation to CELEBREE’S Mission, Vision, Values, culture and developmental milestones & position competencies. New part time staff members will attend a one evening three hour orientation.

Classroom Observations

Classroom Observations are completed quarterly. This tool is utilized to ensure licensing regulations are maintained, classroom appearance and arrangement meets expectation, classroom management is evident and verbal and written communication is in line with Celebree’s mission and values.

Individual Growth Plans

This individual coaching will take place every six months. The IGP promotes dialogue between the manager and individual team member in order to assess an employee’s strengths and opportunities in the core competencies of their position.

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Units are necessary to maintain Lead Teacher qualifications. Child Care Administration requires 12 C.E.U. credits annually for Lead Teachers. Celebree offers the opportunity to obtain all of these credits free of charge through a partnership with First Connection Inc.

Annual Teacher’s Conference

One full day of professional development, enrichment and FUN. The conference is held on Columbus Day every year.

Annual Performance Review

Summary of on-going feedback and opportunity for merit increases. Team member reviews are completed by Center Directors annually on the team members anniversary date.

Four ways to apply for a position with Celebree Learning Centers

Apply Online

Find An Open Position And Apply Online. You will find specific criteria for each position at this resource.

Give Us a Call

Call the Celebree Learning Centers location of your choice and inquire about current openings.

Download an Application

Download and complete an application. Mail or fax the completed application to the learning center of your choice.

Send Us an Email

Send an email to jobs@celebree.com and attach your application and resume. Make sure to indicate the specific location or county that interests you.

Submit-a-Referral Form

Referring employees will receive a $200 referral bonus after the employee has been employed for 90 days.

All qualified Celebree applicants share these basic characteristics:









At every level, our custom curriculum is age appropriate and aligned with all pertinent federal and state guidelines. The jobs that we perform every day make a difference in the quality of life experienced by the children in our care as well as the peace of mind experienced by their parents in knowing their child has been placed in caring and qualified hands.