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Preschool in Russett: Is My Child Ready?

A child writing her name on a board at preschool in Russett.

If it’s not clear whether your child is ready for preschool, you might be struggling with the decision. The good news is that there are a few clear indicators that your little one is a good candidate for a preschool in the Russett, MD area. To help you decide, here are some areas to evaluate.  

5 Key Areas to Focus on When Thinking About Preschool 

Starting school too early can be stressful for a child. That’s why assessing readiness is important. So, how can you tell if your child is ready for this step, or whether you should wait? A few areas to focus on include:

  • Independence. Are they able to be away from you for a period of time without getting upset? Can they eat on their own, use the potty, and wash their hands? These skills and abilities are important for success.
  • Attention span. Can your child sit and do an activity for a period of time? The kids will be busy learning, creating, and exploring. If your child has a hard time paying attention without a tantrum, they might need some time to develop before they begin a program in the Russett area. 
  • Social skills. Does your child listen to instructions and play well with others? Our school programs have many group activities. While developing social skills will be part of the overall experience, they should be able to interact with other children in a positive way.
  • Stamina. Does your child need a nap in the middle of the morning? Or are they ready to take on a full day of school? Their level of stamina is another key consideration, since they are busy and active all day, with a lunch break and nap mid-day.
  • Routine. Does your little one keep a regular routine now? Whether they’re in a child care setting already or with a caregiver at home, if they are used to following a schedule, then the transition into preschool will be easier.

Find Out More About the Russett Area’s Choice for Preschool

If you’re ready to consider preschools in the Russett area, look to Celebree School® of Laurel. We offer a holistic curriculum that helps children develop into well-rounded and confident big kids. Your child will also be in safe, secure hands, having fun and learning as they prepare for kindergarten. 

We are open to children, from ages two to four, in:

  • Russett
  • Laurel
  • Maryland City
  • Carriage Hill 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call Celebree School of Laurel at (301) 356-9126 to schedule a visit to our preschool for Russett, MD area families. 

7 Domains of Learning

Asset 15

Personal and Social Development

Children learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and their peers while cultivating a positive personal identity.
Asset 16

Scientific Thinking

Children are taught to channel their natural curiosity to articulate questions and draw conclusions about the world around them.
Asset 17

Mathematical Thinking

This discipline focuses on numbers and their relationships, in addition to the geometric concepts that explain spatial awareness.
Asset 18

Language and Literacy

The basis of learning, this domain opens the door of communication through writing and drawing as well as grammar and comprehension.
Asset 19
This sphere examines societal relationships based on social structures and the connections between people and their communities.
Asset 20

The Arts

An exploration into visual arts, music, dance and theater, this domain celebrates distinctive expression of emotions and ideas.
Asset 21

Physical Development and Health

Children are taught regard for health and nutrition in addition to the benefits of exercise to develop a strong mind and body.