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It may be napping, playing,
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3 month old has a curriculum.

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Finding Infant Child Care in Russett

Preparing to Go Back to Work

A teacher reading a book to a baby at infant child care in Russett.

After you’ve had a baby, the thought of going back to work can be completely overwhelming. At Celebree School® of Laurel, many of our team members are parents too, so you understand what you’re experiencing. It’s why we’re able to offer compassionate and nurturing infant child care to families in Russett, Laurel, and nearby areas in MD.

In fact, with our experienced team, your little one will be with their own assigned caregiver, rocked to sleep and held while being fed. We’ll also report back to you each day about meals, naps, diaper changes, playtime, and more, so you can stay informed about your infant’s day. Thanks to one-on-one care and open communication, you can rest assured your precious baby is in the best hands possible while you’re away. Here are some tips to make the transition easier for you. 

Tips for Getting Back to Work with Our Infant Child Care

Going back to work is a major step. Once you have your child care arrangements in place, there’s still a lot to do to get ready. Some ways to ease into the transition without too much stress include:

  • Starting a routine. If you’re going back to work soon, now is the time to begin a routine. Wake up, feed, and put your child down for a nap at the same time each day. This will make it easier for your little one to transition into an infant child care setting in the Russett area.
  • Asking about flexibility. Talk to your boss about scheduling flexibility. You might be able to work remotely for the first weeks or even on a hybrid schedule. This will make stepping back into the office, even if it’s just the home office, much easier as you’re returning to work.
  • Returning in the middle of the week. This way, you don’t have to tackle a whole work week right from the start. You can ease back into work life by starting on a Wednesday or Thursday, giving you the weekend to adjust and spend time with your baby.
  • Knowing the plan for pumping. If you’re going to keep nursing, make sure you have a pumping plan, including the times that are best to pump and where to go. Talk to your employer ahead of time so they can make arrangements for you if you don’t have a private office.

We’re the Russett Area’s Choice for Infant Child Care 

Heading back to work after months of being home with a baby is a major step. Let Celebree School of Laurel make it a little easier. We offer infant child care in the Russett area with nurturing caregivers, a safe and secure environment, and a comfortable, cozy place where your little one will feel right at home.

Our child care is open to infants from six weeks to 18 months old in:

  • Russett
  • Laurel
  • Maryland City
  • Carriage Hill
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call Celebree School of Laurel at (301) 356-9126 today to learn more about our infant child care in Russett, MD.

7 Domains of Learning

Asset 15

Personal and Social Development

Children learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and their peers while cultivating a positive personal identity.
Asset 16

Scientific Thinking

Children are taught to channel their natural curiosity to articulate questions and draw conclusions about the world around them.
Asset 17

Mathematical Thinking

This discipline focuses on numbers and their relationships, in addition to the geometric concepts that explain spatial awareness.
Asset 18

Language and Literacy

The basis of learning, this domain opens the door of communication through writing and drawing as well as grammar and comprehension.
Asset 19
This sphere examines societal relationships based on social structures and the connections between people and their communities.
Asset 20

The Arts

An exploration into visual arts, music, dance and theater, this domain celebrates distinctive expression of emotions and ideas.
Asset 21

Physical Development and Health

Children are taught regard for health and nutrition in addition to the benefits of exercise to develop a strong mind and body.