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Choosing Our Daycare Franchise Opportunity

Why Celebree Schools?

Choosing Our Daycare Franchise Opportunity

For the last quarter century, Celebree Schools has been the recognized leader in providing the best in child care and early childhood education for infants, preschool, and school age children. Our daycare franchise opportunities create a new kind of neighborhood; one where owners, educators, parents, and children unite in support of one another.

Why is our daycare franchise opportunity unique? We are known for our exceptional programs, talented teams, and community relationships. We pride ourselves on presenting a unique blend of fun and learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • Our curriculum aligns with the each State’s Early Education Standards. We have purposely taken efforts to create a curriculum that can be modified and adjusted so that each of our locations can be in line with local standards for educational excellence.
  • We believe parental engagement is critical to making our schools a welcoming extension of every child’s home.
  • Our cheery classrooms are led by educators who nurture children’s curiosity and well-being.
  • We use state-of-the art closed circuit monitoring systems and especially stringent safety, emergency, and lock-down procedures are observed.
  • We insist comprehensive background checks are conducted on each educator and staff member.
  • A strong sense of self is encouraged in every child to help them build their social skills in addition to their academic ones.
  • We require a significant investment in every member of the Franchisee team in the form of continuous training and staff development.

Join us in this inspiring work by opening a daycare franchise. Become a part of our community and see what a difference each day makes in a child’s life. Celebree it forward!

A Franchise That Makes a Difference

Each of our daycare franchise schools is independently-owned and operated. Each school is staffed by a professional team, dedicated to nurturing and educating children.

Our unique curriculum is designed to develop positive social skills and values while allowing children to learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects, and activities. It is through our 25-year commitment to superior early childhood education that we can provide a stable, secure learning environment that helps children develop a lifelong love of learning.

Our goal is to expand into new states surrounding our roots, in the Mid-Atlantic region. We seek like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity to continue what we started in 1994.

Our daycare franchise owners will have access to our proven, nationally accredited curriculum and our unique early education system. We believe each school we open should have a unique feel designed to serve the local community and provide the support children and parents want. From classroom creative to local events, our daycare franchise owners are encouraged to channel their passion for the community into the success of their school.

Our History

Since 1994, Celebree Schools has been caring for and impacting the lives of children in Maryland and Delaware. Today, we are expanding our schools through a daycare franchise that offers children throughout the Northeast and across the US the opportunity to experience the Celebree difference!

Celebree School Historical Timeline

1994 – Richard Huffman opens his first child care location in Ellicott City, MD. He names the center Enchanted Child Care and employs a staff of 25 people.

1996 – Richard opens his second location in Parkville, MD known as the “Carney” location, representing the neighborhood it serves. This location fills up so quickly, Richard knows he is on to something. He begins to build a team that could support multiple locations.

1997 – Richard expands his footprint into his third and fourth Maryland counties opening 2 new locations in Bel Air and Frederick. He now employs over 100 employees and provides care to over 400 children! A successful model is in place and ready for accelerated growth.

2002 – With 11 locations in operation, Enchanted Child Care is re-branded as Celebree Learning Centers. The company’s core values to “Protect, Educate & Nurture” are defined.

2006 – Celebree Learning Centers opens its 13th location and is now located in 5 Maryland counties. At this point, the company has 420 employees and provides care to over 1000 children! Celebree has now established their business model around 3 key areas: Talent, Brand, and Operations.

2007 – Celebree opens its first location outside of Maryland, in Bear, Delaware.

2008 – The Celebree team continues to focus on rapid expansion, and opens its 19th location in Hampstead, Maryland. Celebree now has 500 employees and provides care for nearly 1,800 children.

2012 – The Celebree corporate infrastructure has really taken shape. A call center has been established on behalf of the Celebree locations. A sales touch point process is established, and CRM tools are enabled. Most importantly, employee development methodologies are beginning to have a big impact on employee satisfaction and the quality of care. At this point, Celebree Learning Centers is caring for over 2,100 children.

2014 – Celebree opens its 23rd location in Lutherville, Maryland, established as a flagship location beneath a new corporate headquarters, complete with robust training facilities. A new leadership development program is now helping Celebree to retain and develop top talent. Recognized as an industry leader in quality education, Celebree begins to apply for state accreditation through the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

2016 – With a 24th location now opened in Germantown, Maryland, Celebree employs nearly 700 people and cares for over 2,600 children! The very first center that opened in 1994, Ellicott City, is the first center to be awarded accreditation through MSDE.
Richard also begins to build a franchise offering, which would reproduce the success of his corporate center model and allow him to expand the Celebree brand at a more rapid rate.

2018 – Celebree opens its 26th location in Pasadena, Maryland and 6 locations are now fully accredited through MSDE. At this point, it’s clear that a “Learning Center” doesn’t do Celebree justice. Celebree is rebranded to “Celebree School” and brings the Celebree franchise offering to market.

2019 and beyond – With like-minded professionals plugged into their neighborhoods, we will continue to celebrate the education of children. We will teach them to be confident, so they may grow into self-assured adults.

This is our village. Join us.

Meet Our Team

Richard O. Huffman

President and CEO

Allan J. Greenberg, CPA MBA CFE

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Kelleher, CFE

Vice President of Franchise Operations & Franchise Development

Kori M. Wilson

Director of Curriculum & Training

Kristen Miller

Kristen Miller

Director of Accreditation

Lauren Moran

Director of Marketing

Lisa Bricker

Chief Talent Officer

Liane Caruso, CFE

Chief Marketing Officer

Jim V. DiRugeris

Chief Development Officer

Janet Miller

Director of Franchise Sales

Ali Kraus

Director of Events and Community Engagement

The Opportunity

Celebree Schools offer care to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years

  • Infant care
  • Toddlers
  • Pre-school
  • Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)
  • Before and after-school programs for school aged children
  • Summer camps
  • Back-up and emergency care.

A typical school carries a footprint of 8,500 – 9,500 sq. ft. and can be licensed to care for 120-160 children (this number could vary even further based upon state licensing requirements).

Our parents depend on us to be there when they can’t be, and to be an active partner helping to build the foundation for their children’s future. Celebree Schools run on a weekly schedule. Our schools are open year-round with 7 annual holidays when all locations are closed.

As we expand into new markets, our offer to prospective daycare franchise owners is to provide more than just a proven model. We also offer a support system that enables each member of the local team to leverage our experience and to deliver on our mission each and every day.

With Celebree Schools, you will have the chance to hire and develop an amazing team of caregivers who will have a life-changing impact on the children in their care. While you and your team of educators help small people to learn and grow, we offer big people the opportunity to grow as entrepreneurs and professionals and to make a difference in people’s lives.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Children are our future. Today, they need a safe place to grow and to learn. With Celebree Schools, you can be the change you want to see in the world.

If you are an ethical, creative, motivated, and collaborative individual who wants to make a solid contribution to your community, then you may be the ideal fit for our child care franchise opportunities.

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