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Steps to Ownership

We understand that opening up a business can be intimidating for some. That’s why we’ve made the process as easy as possible with 5 clear-cut steps to get your business rolling, and our team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Step 1: Inquire.

In the interests of simplicity, we only need a few key pieces of information to get started. Our child care business franchise inquiry form asks for your: contact detail, financial qualifications, territory of interest, whether or not you would like to explore multi-unit ownership, as well as information on current licensing/certifications. This jumping off point provides the foundation for the next step in this evaluation which is the first conference call!

Step 2: Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

Upon receipt of your Initial Inquiry Form, we will contact you to set a date and time to speak with a Sales Director. It is a no obligation call, more of an informal conversation to get to know each other. We very much want to learn about you and your interest in our child care business opportunity. We’ll also take this time to provide you with information about market availability and next steps.

Step 3: Application.

After this initial call, if our franchise professional believes you meet the personality and financial profiles, we will send you a more comprehensive application. Deadlines for submission will be discussed and we will provide a contact number in case you have any questions. When we receive this application, we will forward the 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Step 4: Meet and Greet.

While you review the FDD, our team will get to work on the evaluation of your application. You can expect some calls/emails to go back and forth during this phase, so you get the clearest possible picture of our child care business opportunity, and we can get the clearest possible picture of your suitability. If we confirm you as a qualified candidate, you will be invited to join us for an in-depth look at Celebree School!

Step 5: Discover Celebree School.

This is the best part! You will be welcomed to join us for a Discovery Day where we’ll conduct a behind-the-doors tour of our flagship location and Center for Excellence in Education (corporate offices and training center) in Lutherville, MD. Over the course of 1 to 2 days, candidates will meet our founder and each of our franchise leadership team members. This is when we really come together as a group of people focused on something that’s bigger than all of us.

Get Started on Your Journey to Owning a Child Care Business

Get Started on Your Journey to Owning a Child Care Business

As you do your due diligence, we believe you’ll come to realize that a child care business franchise opportunity with Celebree School offers you the opportunity to thrive as a business owner inside a supportive franchise environment.

The steps to owning a Celebree School™ franchise are straightforward. They comprise a business agreement and a commitment on both sides to support and maintain the integrity of the brand messaging and programs.

Our schools are not just child care business opportunities. We dig deeper than that. We don’t consider our contribution to the community as providing a business service; it is a vocation.

With like-minded professionals, who are plugged into a neighborhood and genuinely wish to make a difference, we celebrate teaching children confidvence, so they may grow into self-assured adults. You can be our business partner in this effort. This is our village. One dedicated to connecting with the community so children feel they are spending the day in a welcoming place that feels like home.

Our commitment to protecting, educating, and nurturing the children in our care means we take time to get to know prospective franchisees. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for early childhood education and who are deeply committed to their local communities.

Our ideal franchisee will be present and involved in their Celebree School. We are looking for individuals who:

  1. Have dedication for children and early childhood education
  2. Are natural, hands-on business owners
  3. Live actively in their community and/or network
  4. Have the ability to build, train, and motivate a world class team
  5. Are ethical, creative, cooperative, and good communicators
  6. Possess entrepreneurial DNA but have the ability to work within a system
  7. Are motivated and driven to succeed
  8. Have the financial resources to support the business. (Net worth of $750,000, Liquid assets of $250,000.)

We hope you can join us. Our child care business opportunity could be the start of something great for you!

Are you ready to make a difference?

Children are our future. Today, they need a safe place to grow and to learn. With Celebree School, you can be the change you want to see in the world.

If you are an ethical, creative, motivated, and collaborative individual who wants to make a solid contribution to your community, then you may be the ideal fit for our child care franchise opportunities.

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