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Fallston Winter Olympics Celebration

Team Fallston celebrated the Winter Olympics with fun, games, and spirit!

The children wore an Olympic name badge and walked in the opening and closing ceremonies before and after participating in the planned events.

Team Infants participated in bob sledding (Stroller race) and single bob sledding (crawling race)

Team Two’s participated in Ice Hockey (balloon with a stick)

Team Three’s in Curling (bean bag toss)

Team Fours in Moguls (walking through cups)

Team KR in Speed skating (sliding on paper plates)

Everyone had so much fun, including parents who attended and cheered the children on. As the photos below illustrate, this was a Gold Medal event for teachers, parents, and children!

Celebree Learning Centers Fallston Olympics CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-1 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-2 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-3 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-4 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-5 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-6 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-7 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-8 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-9 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-10 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-11 CelebreeLearningCentersFallstonOlympics-12