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Daycare in Hanover, MD

How We Support Personal & Social Development

As kids reach preschool age, they start to gain curiosity and interest in those around them. This time can be essential for building healthy and positive social skills—which is where our daycare in Hanover can play a valuable role.

At Celebree School® of Elkridge, we know that when kids spend time together in a preschool environment, it can super-charge their social skills. But it’s equally helpful to have proper guidance and support when kids interact, so they can model good behavior and build a positive self-identity. Here’s how our programs can help with that!

How We Help Your Child Build Confidence and Social Skills

For children in Hanover, our warm and nurturing daycare environment can offer plenty of opportunities for socializing and building peer relationships. Let’s look at some of the ways we further encourage kids to build confidence and social skills:

  • Playing cooperatively with peers. Kids rarely know how to share and cooperate without a bit of guidance! That’s why we foster those crucial skills at an early age. We encourage children to play together and work together while also helping them communicate and solve problems in positive ways. Kids learn to share, communicate their own thoughts and desires, and engage in constructive and friendly interactions!  
  • Engaging the imagination. Imagination and fantasy are big aspects of kids playing together. It fosters problem-solving and complex thoughts while giving children the opportunity to explore more abstract ideas, such as social structures. We constantly engage the imagination throughout each day! That’s not just limited to playtime, but also during arts and crafts activities, reading, and so much more. 
  • Building compassion and leadership. At this tender age, children start to gain interest in what their peers think and feel. They experience guilt if they do something wrong. Fostering these attitudes in a positive way is important for building compassion, resilience, and leadership. We teach healthy, proactive strategies for engaging in conflict so kids learn to respect each other while valuing themselves, too.

Visit Our Warm and Friendly Daycare in Hanover, MD! 

Our daycare offers a friendly and attentive environment for fostering social development and healthy relationships. We’re delighted to welcome families from across the region, including:

  • Hanover
  • Elkridge
  • Dorsey
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Why not experience our warm and friendly daycare in person? To set up a visit with your little one, families in Hanover can contact Celebree School of Elkridge at (301) 508-9362.