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How Our Toddler Day Care in Ashburn Embraces Interest-Based Learning

Your toddler is unique and one-of-a-kind. At Celebree School® of Ashburn Farm, we embrace those differences through our interest-based approach to learning. This means our toddler day care, serving children from Ashburn, Ashburn Farm, and nearby areas in VA, offers education that is individualized. We will learn about your child’s specific strengths, abilities and personality and use their interests as the basis for educating them. Not only does this instill a love of learning from the start, but also helps them gain more confidence. 

What Interest-Based Day Care Means for Your Toddler

With interest-based learning, our teachers will get to know your toddler and what interests them. They’ll then use this information, whether it’s related to dinosaurs, cars, planting and growing, or another topic, to focus your child’s attention and energy each day. This will engage your child’s mind, keep learning fun, and help them reach age-appropriate milestones.

To do this, we’ve partnered with Creative Curriculum, a thought leader in education for over 40 years. We are using their online cloud-based curriculum platform, so with the click of a button, our teachers can access the right curriculum and a full library of projects, activities, and ideas related to it. Through it, they’ll introduce your child to early literacy and comprehension, science, math, art, and more. 

This means education is child-led and more collaborative. Since children are learning in a more engaging way, they are excited about school every day. At the same time, using this platform, we can continue to monitor their progress to keep track of their milestones, helping them transition successfully to preschool. 

Our Toddler Day Care in Ashburn Will Bring Out Your Child’s Best!

If you’d like to find out more about interest-based learning at our center, we’re just a quick phone call away. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself what makes us special. You can ask questions, watch our teachers in action, and find out more about our curriculum, our philosophy, and our mission and vision.

Take advantage of all our toddler day care can offer in:

  • Ashburn Farm
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  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call (703) 879-2452 if you’d like to visit or find out more about our toddler day care in Ashburn, VA.