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Meet the Team

Meet Mohammad and Ayesha

Your School Owner/Operators

Mohammad and Ayesha are the Owner-Operators of the Celebree School of Alexandria. Mohammad grew up in Northern Virginia and Ayesha grew up in Toronto, Canada. Ayesha moved down to Northern Virginia recently after completing her residency in internal medicine. They first met in 2017 at a friend’s wedding, where Mohammad feverishly attempted to get Ayesha’s phone number. Five years later, they are happily married and are expecting their first child later this year.

Mohammad is actively involved in all operations of the Celebree School of Alexandria and is committed to using the skills from his professional background to serve the families who live and work in the Alexandria community. Mohammad is a CPA and has over 8 years of experience in financial statement audits. Ayesha will continue her career as a primary care physician with the Virginia Hospital Center in Alexandria. Although you may not see her daily, she will be very involved behind the scenes helping with the school. They are both very excited to have the opportunity to provide the very best childhood education experience for students, while creating a true sense of community within the school.

In their free time, Mohammad and Ayesha enjoy finding new local restaurants to try, hanging out with family and friends, and spoiling their nephews.

Meet Jana Behm
Your School Director

Jana Behm is the School Director of Celebree School of Alexandria. Jana grew up in Illinois and has recently moved to Maryland to become part of the Celebree Family.  She has 2 children, Tori (26) and Trey (24) who both live in Illinois. Her hobbies include raising and showing Belgian Sheepdogs and Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Medieval Re-creation. Jana is a graduate of Culver Stockton College where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

Jana began her journey in early childhood education in 1994 as a pre-k teacher.  She moved to a supervisory role in 1998 and became a director in 1999.  Jana has several years of experience working in the classroom and as an administrator.  Her educational philosophy is that we are always learning and as such if fully invested in assisting teachers to grow in the field.  She is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and regularly participates in training to further her own education and research-based practices.  She is very excited to bring the Celebree experience to Alexandria and is committed to providing the very best foundation for lifelong learning.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Heather Morlock

7 Domains of Learning

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Personal and Social Development

Children learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and their peers while cultivating a positive personal identity.
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Scientific Thinking

Children are taught to channel their natural curiosity to articulate questions and draw conclusions about the world around them.
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Mathematical Thinking

This discipline focuses on numbers and their relationships, in addition to the geometric concepts that explain spatial awareness.
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Language and Literacy

The basis of learning, this domain opens the door of communication through writing and drawing as well as grammar and comprehension.
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This sphere examines societal relationships based on social structures and the connections between people and their communities.
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The Arts

An exploration into visual arts, music, dance and theater, this domain celebrates distinctive expression of emotions and ideas.
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Physical Development and Health

Children are taught regard for health and nutrition in addition to the benefits of exercise to develop a strong mind and body.
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