Parent Testimonials

I ask my daughter often if she likes her teachers. She always answers yes. I then follow up with asking ‘Why?’ I get various answers, but just yesterday she said “Because I love Ms. Jessica and she loves me.”

I know there is a lot that goes on between the kids and teachers that I don’t experience first hand, but when my daughter tells me that she loves her teacher, hugs her goodbye, sits on her lap during reading time, and generally is very happy to be near her, it makes me feel that this is the right place for her to grow.

Lauren’s Mom – Three-Year Old Preschool Classroom

Amy and Nicole are amazing to Amelia and all of the other friends in the Kindergarten Readiness classroom at Celebree – Ellicott City. Both Amy and Nicole adhere to the Celebree motto to protect, educate, and nurture. Amelia has shown so much progress since being in the KR Classroom. Her penmanship has improved steadily, and we are working on reading! Arts and crafts that stimulate the children’s minds and critical thinking skills are always present, and the lesson planning is quite obviously thoughtful and relevant. Amy and Nicole have infinite patience, kindness, and fairness; they truly are invaluable assets to the Celebree Team. They deserve all the praise they receive and more. So often in our daily lives we forget to thank the people who have the most impact on us and our children’s lives…I want to take this time to recognize the fantastic job the Amy, Nicole and the entire Celebree Ellicott City Team does to ensure that our children are prepared to face Kindergarten…and beyond.

Amelia’s Mom – Preschool Class
Ellicott City

For children, change can be challenging, scary or unnerving – requiring time for adjustment. My husband and I have been very appreciative of his teacher, Ms. Kristen, and the care she has shown our little one – a new friend at Celebree. From providing useful suggestions on how we can work with my son at home to updates about his day, Ms. Kristen’s patience, professionalism and attentiveness are priceless.

Thank you Ms. Kristen and the request of the caring team at Celebree!

Nassir’s Mom – Three-Year Old Preschool Classroom,

I began taking my daughter to Celebree when she was 9 months old. As a new mom, dropping my baby off with “strangers” was tough but Ms. Laura made & continues to make the experience enjoyable! Each day Ms. Laura takes time to tell me how my daughter’s day went, what she did & anything funny or cute she did during her time there. You can tell that she truly loves kids & enjoys watching my daughter grow, change & learn, just like my husband & I do… & what more could you ask for in a caregiver then to love & enjoy your child as much as you do!

Thank you Celebree & Ms. Laura!

Ella’s Mom – Infant II Classroom
Forest Hill – Rock Spring Road